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YABJAYA | For The Ladies | Self-Love & Relationships

The Secret: You Are The Prize!


Some men will have you believing that he is the prize in the relationship. He will tell you that you should be thankful that he choose you from amongst the sea of available sistas. However, he fails to see and understand that the choosing was mutual, because you also chose to be with him.


You are precious, because without woman humanity would cease to exist and every man you meet is born of woman. He was nurtured and nourished in the darkness of a womb. So you see dear one, yes women outnumber men on the planet. Yes, men are revered and placed on pedestals the world over. You can chase rainbows. You can chase your dreams. But make him chase you, because you are worth it. 


In every great story, the hero must win his beloved’s heart and hand. He must prove his valor and worth. The right one will step up to and exceed the challenge treating you like the Queen you are, and treat you with the same dignity and respect with which you carry yourself. It won’t be perfect. It will require work. 


The relationship is a compliment not a completion as you are already whole. Have a wonderful loving relationship with yourself. He will affirm what you already know You Are Beautiful Just As You Are! You don’t have to sell it or convince him of your worth. It will radiate in the glow of your eyes and the confidence in your stride.




2 thoughts on “YABJAYA | For The Ladies | Self-Love & Relationships

  1. I often use the term chosen when it comes to a husband choosing his wife. Both man and woman bring a 100% of something special to the table. Great points. Wonderfully written. Thank you for empowering women everywhere.

    Dana Guidera
    author of
    Seven Poems from Life

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