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Hello Beautiful People,

2014! So many things happening and you all were on my mind, and I’ve neglected you! Apologies. There are so many inspiring things I want to share, but I’ll make this first post of the year, short & to the point: 


Motivation: 2/21/2014: I started a new contract this week, and Wednesday my daughter told her Daddy that I did not love them anymore, because I was gone. For two days in a row, I wasn’t home when she woke up, because I had to leave at the crack of dawn to go to work. The moment, my husband said those words, my heart broke, and I knew I had to do all that was within my power and lean on the goodness and grace of the Almighty to create the life I wanted to allow me to be there for my children, and be a fabulous CEO with a nursery in her office or an office in my home to run my empire, because I want my daughters to know they are loved and important more than anything of this world; and I am blessed, grateful, and thankful to be their Mommy. They saved me from me. The promise I made when my oldest daughter was in the womb still stands to this day! Success is the only option.


YABJAYA continues


Cyber hugs and kisses


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