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57 of 365 Days of YABJAYA | What is Success?

what is success? is being successful having an education, a huge salary, a mortgage, a nice car; or is success something deeper, something much more intangible lacking a proper price tag?

i am always amused at people who measure success by monetary gain with which to buy “stuff”! there are several people who fit the description in the second question, but then you peel back the layers of their lives and you find relationships in shambles, self loathing, unhappiness, and the job/career with the salary which affords all those material possessions left in its wake a sea of neglect on a personal level.

please, do not misunderstand, there are people in this world who have found “work-life balance”. then there are the rest of us slumping through trying to figure it out while doing the best we can.
success, in my humble opinion, is having solid relationships with people you love and who love you back, doing what you love and living your making; then loving and accepting yourself, flaws and all, without apology. improving, continually learning, and try to leave a positive mark on this world for the time we are all here.

what does success/successful mean to you?

YABJAYA (You Are Beautiful Just As You Are!)


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