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56/365 YABJAYA | Nappy Roots & Self-Love

the latest uproar is over sheryl underwood’s comments on “the talk”, in this moment it felt right to share. life changed for me in a huge way once i stopped focusing on the negative comments and people in my life.
once i decided to love those who love me back and love others from a distance, and focus my energy and efforts on the same, i had more loving relationships, a plethora of opportunities, and dynamite social interactions.
the truth is, not everyone is a fan of natural hair or anything else that i or anyone else is into. i say to that, “so what!” the opinions and attitudes of those who do not like what you or i like is their right. their comments about it are their’s.
someone may read this and feel that i do not understand the larger social context and so-called juxtaposition made by the remarks. to that i say, “i get it. all to well, in fact!” however, the moment you love yourself enough to know that the thoughts, opinions, and actions of others do not define nor dictate your self-worth.
the words of others only have weight, when and if, we give them weight. therefore, believe the compliments you get. say, “thank you!” we are so cover ourselves with the negative said about us. we languish in it, instead of discarding it and celebrating the positive beauty that we all have.
You Are Beautiful Just As You Are (YABJAYA)

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