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NE Heartbreak | How R&B Set Me Up

there i was listening, enamored, longing for romance, because it sounded beautiful and looked complicated. at least from the songs and movies.

but where were those boys, and then men, in real life? because doesn’t art imitate life, at least that’s what i was led to believe. however, i never met those boys who loved so sweetly and innocently as me.

they were more interested in the “fast” girls, and though i talked a good name, i wasn’t about to be tomorrow’s locker room topic of conversation. which i learned happened all too often with all the male braggadocio. forget the folded notes and long walks home.

all these fellas wanted to do was bone. i mean really NE, did you have to lie to me? set me up searching for unicorns and cornballs in between school and girl scouts. come on L can a playboy really be reformed and i be the girl to motivate him to change his bad boy ways? hell to the nah, y’all just wanted to get laid. therefore, myself and others, got seriously played.

for so many years, i wanted to believe that someone had to have these feelings, why not me? to write such ballads with lovely melodies and vivid imagery, please oh please love chose me. i gambled, i bargained, i prayed. a hopeless romantic was born, lived, acted and played with fools fall in love as my theme song, cassette tapes as my guide; into the dark forest i went.

happily ever after is a choice regardless of the train wreck tragedy that love stories can sometimes be. this story, my story, does have a few frogs, an ice princess who became the queen she was born to be, a prince, and ultimately a king.


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