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10 Questions | Hip Hop

Neo-Hip Hop, Artistic Musings, & Reflections on Life

10 Questions

  1. is the neo-hip hop movement a cry for help or the anthem of mediocrity?
  2. is it music imitating life or life imitating music?
  3. what messages are offered in the form of romantic relationships & the “we-don’t-love-them-hoes” theme that has embedded itself into the music (r&b included), as well as the overall culture?
  4. is old skool hip hop dead?
  5. if so, can it be revived?
  6. where are the ladies?
  7. when did the storytelling & actual prose take a backseat to contrived backstories, non-words, and gimmicky pr stunts?
  8. where is the shovel to dig up the underground?
  9. what happened to the artistry, finesse, and prescence?
  10. where is the love?

if you could ask hip hop a question (s), what would it be?


2 thoughts on “10 Questions | Hip Hop

  1. I saw this post and was intrigued. However if I could ask hip-hop a question it would be – At what point does calling a women a bitch (in the case of Missy Elliot such as when referred to as a “bad bitch”) change from a derogatory/ negative thing into a title of power and respect, and going along those lines is there truly room in the current market for a “serious” female MC that does not induce gimmick and/or sex appeal to get publicity.

    • Great question! IMHO, “bad bitch” is the female equivalent of a “bad boy”, but the grown up version. In many instances a woman being aggressive, going after what she wants, asserting herself is often called derogatory names. Instead of shying away from such things, many women embrace it in a way that serves to be empowering.

      Yes, there is definitely room in the market for woman that is not gimmicky or overtly sexual, because she would stand out in a sea of sameness!

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