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Day 53/365 YABJAYA|Value of Self

Value of Self


apologies for the silence. i’ve been wondering what to say with all that’s happening in the world. it appears that each situation comes down to worth. worth in terms of one human life over another. worth of one country and her people over that of another.  when we all, each one of us, has value to someone. we each have something to give and something to share. each of us makes up the whole of humanity, therefore are equal. no one has a monopoly on pain, suffering, tragedy, loss, triumph, nationalism, glory, empathy, or humanity itself.

regardless of ethnicity, homeland, religion, ideologies, etc. we are all part of the human race; and at our core, we all want for the same things: respect. love. food. shelter. a means to care for ourselves and our families. to live peaceful and safe lives. you know the basics.

You Are Beautiful Just As You Are (YABJAYA)!


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