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Day 52/365 YABJAYA | Passion (continued)

Everyone always asks us what our story is. What motivates us.

Until now we were uncomfortable sharing that story, because it is a story rife with insecurities, self doubt, uncoolness, awkwardness, and unworthiness.

Focsi was born out of that place of unbelonging. The black sheep. The square peg. The misfit. The freak. The outcast. The person who says to hell with convention, I am an individual and I am going to be me. Nothing more. Nothing less. just me.

Focsi stands as a message of self love, no matter who you are. Being comfortable with yourself, loving yourself, flaws, imperfections, and mistakes, just as you are is what we are all about.

You Are Beautiful Just As You Are (YABJAYA!)

The afro is a hairstyle. The afro is, also a political statement that encompasses all of those messages and stands up and out in the face of conformity. Defying the powers that be by simply existing in its natural state. Both, bold and beautiful, it begs conversation and attention without trying.

We want our daughters to grow up in a world where beauty is varied, and what’s inside these flesh suits we all wear is more important than the suit itself. By surrounding them with images they relate to and filling the void that is life with beautiful, empowering, strong images of women of color in ways that were reserved for those of a lighter hue we help create that world. With every, “Mommy, that’s YOU!” or “Mommy, that’s ME!” we know that we are creating the world we want to live in, instead of merely hoping dreaming, wishing, and waiting for someone else to manifest it for us.


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