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Day 50/365 YABJAYA | Self- | WanderLust


living a life of purpose.

that is what i want. not sure how to go about getting there.

the message is passed down virally from guru/teacher/life coach/motivational speaker/arbitrary expert to seeker/student/wanderer: LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!

what is that? where do i find it? how do i figure that out?

i have no idea, but i do know that trading hours for time in a cubicle as a spoke in the wheel of corporate america ain’t it! i was reading an article on GOOD, and i loved this quote:

You may think I am prolonging adolescence and avoiding responsibility. Well, I can simply say that I am not impressed by grownups or their society. But I will also say that I disagree with you. The choice to pursue a dream, at the destruction of my comfort, with the loss of safety and certainty, all for the purpose of doing something that inspires others to a fuller life of wonder and creativity and quality, to me that is a burden of responsibility worth carrying. To me, that is growing up.
Benjamin Franklin once said, “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” I like that. ~
how many times are dreamers, myself included, told to get your head out of the clouds and grow up? why is working hard for another’s dream as a cog in the wheel of wealth that leads to someone else’s pot of gold without actually seeing the value of the daily grind aside from immediate needs being met such as providing food, shelter, clothing, and transportation; being mature? but isn’t there more to life than trading hours for material comforts or doing the almost the same things day-in-day-out for the next 5, 10, 15, 30 years mind-numbingly dull? the thought of that motivates me each day to find my passion and pursue it. corporate america was given 13 years of my life and counting, for which i would like to say, “thank you”, but i’m out. it has to stop. i’d like to show my children that there is another way, then guide them, should they choose to do the same.
can one have a profession that feeds the soul, inspires others, helps humanity in small way while providing creature comforts laced with adventure and fullness of life? is it possible to escape the wheel and live another life? i’ve read about it, almost like stuff of an urban legend, but have yet to see it in practice.

if by chance you’ve figured this out, i am open to suggestions.


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