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Day 50/365 YABJAYA | Self-Love

change is good. why?

because it is the one true constant. change is always happening. you are not same person you were five minutes ago on a cellular level.

i wondered about change when i did some social media spring cleaning a few weeks ago. and i discovered that change in relationships, namely friendships, were no one’s fault. they are just part of the flow. however, i only came to this conclusion after wondering what happened to those friendships and how i contributed to their ultimate silent end.

one moment, i had a baby and i fell giddy sappy in love with my her, and became a different person. a person whom i did not recognize, and at times pined for that other person’s who’s life seemed to be so vastly from mine; all the while asking who was that? she {pre-baby me} is almost unrecognizable at times. then there was a husband and another baby, and poof she was gone.

not really gone, just different. changed. thus, so had the friendships. most things just didn’t seem all that important any more or fun. hearing baby babble and giggles along with all the firsts was my life. watching a movie, where both, the hubs and I, stay awake is exciting!

sometimes we think we’ll get to enjoy those moments with our friends, but that is not always the case, and you know what: that is ok. once you realize you get “the big news” via a status message, tweet, or some other electronic form, unless that’s the nature of the friendship, you know things have changed! again, that is ok!

go with it. make room for new experiences and new people with common interests.

life is too short for anything less. besides, You Are Beautiful Just As You Are {wherever you are in your life}! (YABJAYA!)


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