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Day 47/365 YABJAYA | Self Love

self love. if i had to boil this blog down to a single phrase, self love is what it is all about.

why write about self love?

during this journey of reflection and introspection, i can pinpoint the exact moment in the 7th grade when self-doubt crumbled my budding self-esteem. for the next 17 years, i allowed that singular moment to erode my self-image, my self-worth, and i made decisions because i lacked enough self-love to make “different” decisions. during this time, i surrounded myself with people who confirmed and validated all the negative self talk. then one day, it all just clicked, & i said to hell with the bullsh*t! no one has control over how i feel and treat myself. my hope is that at least one person reads these words and realizes:

  1.  “what other people think of you is none of your business!” ~deepak chopra
  2. someone else’s views and opinions of you belong to him or her, NOT YOU. it is his/her reality and true in their world, but it is only true in your world, should you allow it to be.
  3. the love we all go out into the world searching for is closer than we know, and is waiting patiently to be discovered when you are ready.
  4. you matter.
  5. you are worthy and worth it.
  6. above all else: You Are Beautiful Just As You Are (YABJAYA!)

here’s to manifesting peace and love, then making different choices.




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