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Day 46/365 YABJAYA

as i begin writing/editing two more stories from the Just Miya series, i realized that spreading the message and spirit of YABJAYA to everyone open and willing to receive it is my passion! 

i love watching people’s faces light up with joy and hope, when they feel encourage, empowered, heard, felt, loved in an unconditional and non-judgmental way. i’ve been one huge ball of emotions from excited to terrified to hopeful to bleh to get off your arse and keep moving forward. 

as usual when i feel the itch to “move”, i began looking online for articles and blogs expressing the sentiments i’m feeling & it was good join the community of wandering souls looking for fulfillment. 

i sit in my cubicle 5 days a week and wonder. well that actually isn’t true, i don’t wonder, I KNOW that i should be doing something else. something that empowers others, makes lives better, healthier, and builds communities. something inspiring.

idealistic? not really. people are doing it. so why not me? the thought brings terror. leaving the security of corporate life to pursue a life of altruism. with that terror there is what we experienced this weekend, as we spoke with people about our children’s book, excitement. exhilaration. purpose. 

so beautify the world with what inspires you, because as always:





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