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Day 41/365 Days of YABJAYA

Do y’all mind if I go on a little tangent about love and relationships? Come into my world for short walk. As I strolled in the valley the other day, I listened earnestly to my spirit, and they said fear is the only killer of relationships. Fear manifests and masks itself in many ways, i.e. Jealousy, envy, possessiveness, insecurity, doubt, obligations, expectations, false responsibilities, and conditions. However, love has no fear, expectations, responsibility, doubt, need to possess, change, be jealous, envy, etc. Why do we all make relationships much more difficult than need be? We are each only responsible for our half and our selves, because we cannot fix anyone else. We cannot make someone else happy. Nor can we take responsibility for someone else or for an entire relationship. We simply need to love and give without expecting anything. That does not mean be a doormat and allow yourself to be used, abused, and taken advantage of my those ill intentioned selfish beings who live among us. It means to act always from a perspective of love and plant seeds of love wherever life takes you, in each encounter. Why live a life rooted in fear? When you can choose at any moment to change perspective and action and live a life based on, rooted in, and of love. Love does not hurt. Fear does. Love someone today. Look no further than your own heart to find the love you seek amongst the world. That is true selflessness and true peace!

Pure and true. Peace and blessings. The rantings of a woman in love with herself.

YABJAYA (You Are Beautiful Just As You Are)


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