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Day 35/365 YABJAYA

the phrase “find your something to love” keeps replaying in my mind.

i was watching a movie last night, and the thought occurred to me: why don’t more people follow their passions and lives their dreams.

where does that go, and why does being an adult mean being serious all the time, or changing your mind in a very real and drastic way is seen as somehow irresponsible or immature? however, choosing to LIVE authentically is any thing, but…

it is liberating, scary, bold, and your choice! live “your” best life; not everyone else’s expectations of “your” best life.

you can do what you love. yeah it might take a planning, but as the saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!”

yes, i know, we all need to eat, live indoors, cloth ourselves, and some instances care for others. however, you need that “something” that

feeds your soul, and makes your sing while spreading love in this world.



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