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Day 31/365 YABJAYA!

happy hump day, beautiful. 

i’ve posted several blogs telling us all: You Are Beautiful Just As You Are! and staying stick with it until you feel and believe it. then i thought, hmmm, maybe someone out there is how do i get that point of feeling and believing!

i put together a basic list (do 1, a few, all, none, or create your own list-after all no one knows you better than you!)

1. forgive yourself 

2 compliment yourself (at least once a day)

3. reverse the statement when negative self talk pops in your mind (e.g. you are ugly becomes you are beautiful. look at that smile.)

4. be your biggest and best cheerleader (you are good at something, have a talent/gift/perspective, something that is uniquely YOU-celebrate it)

5. love the peanut gallery from afar (do not give their opinions weight. do not allow their “stuff” (low self esteem, insecurities, lack, etc) to become your “stuff”

6. repeat it to yourself everyday: You Are Beautiful Just As You Are! (YABJAYA)!

7. remember: you are worthy and worth it. 

before anyone says: that sounds easy, but….

let me silence the but with a little story: several years ago, a conversation was being had by several co-workers. i was still very much of the mindset, you are what you think. regardless of what anyone else says or thinks, it only matters what you think, feel, accept, etc about yourself. finally, someone says to me: how do you know, you’ve never been ugly!

shocked. i asked: how do you know that i’ve never been ugly? because in fact, in junior high school and high school i was teased about having a large nose. i used to dream of getting a nose job “one day”! then i was going to be beautiful. then “one day” came, and i decided: SCREW THOSE PEOPLE & THEIR OPINIONS. I AM beautiful. Big NOSE and all. from that day forward, i accepted myself in whatever state, mood, and/or situation.

the list above are things i did and do to conquer that negative self talk and ignore commentary from the peanut gallery of life that we all have. 



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