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Now What

how do you separate the man from his politics or the at the very least separate him from the political system in which he functions and upholds even though the system is broken? change is upon us, by consent or conquest…only time will tell….

my sincerest wish, is that we all realize that the government’s job is not to save and care for us or our families and communities. the responsibility to save yourself, save your family, and save your community is up to each and everyone one of us.
instead of waiting on legislation to create change, be the change. start in your own home building sustainable and green environments. start taking ownership of your health beyond insurance and birth control. how about just learning how to be truly healthy and what “real food” is. how about nourishing your soul and implementing self care in your routine. work on “your stuff”. how about learning what to do in case there is a natural disaster, economic challenges (and the lights are out, the gas is off, and food is limited or resources are scarce). how do you survive and thrive. then take what you’ve learned and share with family and friends.
there are alternatives ways to accomplish many things we take for granted. most of us never stop to think about how water, lights, gas, food, etc get to our homes. we never think about the behind the scenes, until the system is disrupted. then it’s too late.
what can we do? start learning, implementing, and sharing. stop judging, stop hating, and realize that humanity is one. we are the same despite skin, hair, religion,  nationality, gender, sexuality, disability, political affiliation, etc.
start loving yourselves truly, and wish for others what you wish for yourself.
those are things voting and politicians cannot accomplish. you are the key. period. it all starts and stops with each of us.
are you in?

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