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Day 26/365 Days of YABJAYA

apologies for the lag in posting. we’ve been moving…now that we are settled: here we are!

moving made me realize how much “stuff” we have, even though we “purge” throughout the year, and attempt to maintain a clutter free space (physically, mentally, spiritually, and materially). in an even greater effort to declutter and simplify our lives, during our unpacking, we are going to separate items into 3 piles: keep, give, sell. the criteria is simple for determining what goes where: do we need it or have we used it recently; then we ask do we love it?

love is the key. keep in your life and surround yourself with love. people you love. work you love. a space you love (granted this make take a little time, energy, and effort to create…it is possible). look around what can you unpack from your life? consider: who/what loves you back (meaning what brings you joy, a smile, a shoulder, a laugh, keeps you grounded, and most importantly what is authentically you). no need to let outdated things or stale relationships take up space in your life. when those spaces can be occupied and filled with love, light, and laughter.

be surrounded by people and those things you love and reflect your inner beauty, because You Are Beautiful Just As You Are! (YABJAYA)

start unpacking and decluttering.


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