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Day 9/365 YABJAYA (You Are Beautiful Just As You Are)!

gratitude. be grateful for every day and every opportunity, because each day is an opportunity for growth, to make corrections, to try again, to change course.

being grateful makes us live in the moment, and helps us to appreciate not only where we are, but also how far we’ve come. to paraphrase a quote from a wise man: “look not to others who have more than you or own things you wish to own, but look to others who have less  (and know that they are looking at you and your circumstances, situations, and/or possessions with the same longing). then be grateful for all that you have accomplished.” ~Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

*before anyone gets tight in the eyes: 365 days is enough time to quote Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and any other great/wise/knowledgeable/example of how to find peace, contentment, self-love, self-worth, success, love, happiness, how to overcome and preserver. we can all learn from one another! : )

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You Are Beautiful Just As You Are


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