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I {used to} Blow Up

for 2012, i made a pact with myself to have an argument free year, and attempt to make peace and amends with everyone. this year, i am focused on allowing folks to have their issues and not take anything said about me or to me personally. in the event that i do find myself perturbed, i will use those moments for introspection, assess my reaction, thoughts, and/or feelings about whatever got my hair ruffled; while remembering that people often project their issues, thoughts, and attitudes onto others; whether they be negative or positive. which is why, it is important to learn to take nothing personally. we all have our “stuff” and the only person’s “stuff” you are responsible for is yours. the only person you can fix or control is you. resistance is futile and only causes stress, angst, anger, and bitterness. i’m choosing to walk in love.

i’ll keep you all posted on that, as well. from a reformed hot-head, karmic assistant, and a fellow martin-esque “i blow uppppp-er” who has transformed her combustible spirit. the work in progress continues, ’cause a sista does have her moments, but now i just check it, and hope my facial expressions do not relay my internal dialogue in those dynamite moments.


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