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…people (myself included) get lost in our struggles. we categorized the events, situations, and circumstances in our lives into good and bad. when in fact, our struggles, just like our triumphs and happy moments, are simply life. i remember saying to a friend once, who was going through a difficult time, and was having a wonderfully fabulous pity party, that life was occurring. what they were experiencing was is LIFE. 

i am learning that if we live in each moment, we’ll find that we are ok, and sometimes even in the midst of life’s torrent, we are better than ok. we are GREAT! FANTASTIC! and more importantly, we have all that we need in that very moment, if we stop, breath, and take the time to see it.

we can always choose to be happy no matter what our current life circumstances are, because those life situations are just that: situations. they are not who or what we are. they are things that happen. some by our own hand and choices and other happenstances are there to be experienced for learning purposes, growth, or just LIFE.

when we feel isolated on our island of woo, we must remember, especially in these current times we are living, each of us is coping, dealing, overcoming, living, and experiencing LIFE. no struggle is unique or new. people experiencing challenges in relationships, work/career, finances, love, spirit, housing, children, family, basic everyday survival…but no one of us are alone. even if you look around and think that no one around you has problems or issues they are working through, know that you are not alone.

and whatever your situation is: IT IS OK! there is no need to feel defeated or shame. it is temporary and not a permanent reality. change is a guarantee just as the ebb and flow of the tide, thus is life.

YABJAYA (You Are Beautiful Just As You Are)!

Focsi Mama


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