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for colored girls i love

Finally, I watched For Colored Girls. What can I offer from a purely critical standpoint that has not already been said? The answer: very little. We all know the problematic issues with Tyler Perry’s portrayal of relationships within the Black community.

I offer this instead… Tears welled up in my eyes as watched several scenes, because on some level I could relate to the pain and self loathing that each woman felt, as well as her way of coping and attempting to reclaim her power, even through sometimes self destructive means. Looking for love everywhere except inside or the mirrored reflection staring back at her.

The self loathing that was reflected by the female to female interactions, that many of us live out on a daily basis. Competing with one another instead of standing in solidarity and uplifting one another. Not understanding that your sister is not your enemy! No matter what the media, Tyler Perry, CNN, Psychology Today attempt to sell us; we are worthy of love, of being loved without living up to the false persona of “Superwoman”!

How many of us know, until we do, that it is OK to compliment another woman on her shoes, her dress, her hair, her makeup, and be sincere? How many of us know, that the way in which we treat our sisters is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves? Masked in attitude, a tough exterior, a smart mouth, a false sense of pride shining through glossed lips, fingertips, and toes, sparkling around the neck like a platinum albatross, click clacking with each designer step tucked away inside that big ol’ designer bag.

For Colored Girls reminded me of all the things I did when I felt unworthy. Unworthy of love, nice things, or my just due. Attempting to reclaim my power by any means necessary, even if I self destructed, combusted, or died as if I had nine lives. Mutilating what was perceived as “not good enough”, “strong enough”, “tough enough”, and then…

The whisper that I ignored for at least 33 years, finally pushed through the noise, and said, “It is all lies! You are beautiful. You are LOVE. You are worthy of love and being loved! Most importantly, You Are Beautiful Just As You Are…imperfections and flaws are part of the package!”

All the LOVE you need, YOU HAVE. It is/was simply waiting to be discovered.

YABJAYA (You Are Beautiful Just As You Are)


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