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not the blog i was planning to post today, my mind drifted to another place. another thought gathered the words, unwilling to share. the thought my status on facebook and twitter.

“eargasms: much better than orgasms/stretch my mind/transform my Soul/unlike sex it never gets old” ~kalliope

i must admit i’m a sucka for an intellectual man. i love the verbal dance or game of chess. with each fresh perspective my mind is bent in a new direction on this journey called truth. the challenge of balance and opinion. it is thrilling to feast upon the oratory delicacies of expressed ideologies, innermost passions, commingled with revelations and confessions topped with introspection and action.

the actions. the crust. don’t always show in the beginning. too much thinking and not enough doing. brilliantly stagnant with delusions of grandeur. disappointing like something gone wrong, but the fascination was intoxicating for the time that the sweetness lasted. only adding to the sensual nature of the beast. making love between my mind’s sheets.

painted a masterpiece of what was to come. except more often than not i’m left awe-struck and dumb. but never numb. i love all the sensations that come with GOD’s manifestations. that’s how i learn through experience. since it is said to be the best teacher.


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