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…it’s easy cuz you’re beautiful!!!!

why be with someone you can’t be honest with? i asked a friend that today. he says he lied to his girlfriend because she couldn’t handle the truth; and believes that makes his lie, and subsequently getting caught in said lie, acceptable. he was doing the valiant thing and saving her from herself.

so i ask why be with someone you can’t be your authentic self with? why have to edit your personality, opinions, behavior, etc. i’ll tell you why. if we are all honest with ourselves, since at some point in time, we’ve all done it, you do those things as a means of self preservation. why? REJECTION. the other person may not like the “real” you, and your hope is that by the time they see the real you, they’ll be so in love that it won’t matter.

in reality, you are only fooling yourself. being the unedited you would’ve saved time, frustration, stress, headaches, sleep, etc etc. someone will appreciate, like, even love the real you & someone already does whether you know it or not. no need to sell yourself short. you’re worth it. you don’t need to be on a PR campaign to showcase how great and wonderful you are. the right person will see that effortlessly.

you are loved and lovable.

(You Are Beautiful Just As You Are)


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