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it’s ok to get high when you’re pregnant

i read an article today about whether or not pregnant women should be denied alcohol in bars and restaurants. of course the response was overwhelmingly in favor of not allowing a pregnant woman to drink. there are supporters on either side of the debate. some for occasional drinking (as done in european countries) and those who are against it saying light to moderate drinking is harmful to the unborn child.

while i did not chose to drink while pregnant, i do not want to start regulating what a woman can and cannot do with her pregnant or unpregnant body however, the ignorance on of the majority of people somewhat baffles me. the sight of a woman drinking or smoking gets everyone’s bloomers in knots, but the thought of an epidural is met with frantic support and encouragement, even though the cocktail of epidural drugs (as well as other pain medications administered to laboring women) comes from the same plants used to make opium, cocaine, and heroine. the only difference is that one group of drugs is legal and the other is not. the same side affects and reactions persist in both groups.

the epidural cocktail is not regulated, and the potentially harmful side affects are right there in the fine print, but all too often they are dismissed, because “everyone does it and woman are told they need these drugs during labor!” in my view if you are ok taking and giving your child heroine during labor, then surely one glass of wine on occasion should be ok. see how moronic that sounds? but everyday women chose drugs that could cause them or their unborn children complications and/or overdose. they elect to get high and in turn make their babies high.

children exposed to such drugs during labor have a higher rate of suicide and teenage substance abuse. additional food for thought: when any of us elect to have epidurals, we are teaching our children that it is ok to use an external and unnatural method to cope with pain, stress, discomfort, etc. instead of allowing our bodies to do what, we as woman, are built to do. before anyone gets indignant, i do understand that there are times when epidurals are necessary. in most cases, they are not necessary, and women agree to them out of ignorance and lack of a solid understanding of labor and birth, as well as female anatomy.

make whatever choices you feel, but do your research. get all the facts. and just think if cigarettes, illegal drugs, and alcohol are not ok, why should a legal drug be administered unnecessarily get a pass?

*i opted to have an out of hospital natural birth at a wonderful birth center. yes, drug free!


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