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Secret Crush

Dear Crush,

all i hear are Patti LaBelle’s mesmerizing words, “if only you knew, how much i do…” a confession and revelation. one i will never make. you see, dear one, in order for the infatuation to continue, you must stay in the sacred mind space of my musings. continue to inspire and taunt me from your awe struck post. because you see beloved, you are another’s and i won’t disrespect that.

plus secret crushes are better. an actual date or relationship would simply ruin the image. perhaps in another life, another reality my mind’s imagery is reality; and my subconscious recognizes what my soul has forgotten. creating a standard that others seemingly falter to live up to.

why the fascination for 18 months and counting. because you live your dream. your dream is your reality. after actualizing one dream, you began moving towards an even bigger one. an inspiration to a lost, deaf, dumb, and blind generation. an open book with you on display, faults and mistakes.

so i watch in quiet amazement and anticipation for the next step. to read the words, to see the depth, and hope to continue to be a walking muse of my own. thank you he-who-shall-not-be-named regardless of the wonder of your budding fame.

Truly Yours,

kindred & beloved


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