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My Beautiful Lover

Lover! Sounds full of lust and intrigue. As well as sounding a lot more grown and sexy than the vanilla boyfriend, fuck buddy, friend with benefits, etc. Even though I still like caking which is just one step above boo-loving on the ranking scale that the “Ladies” & I invented to correctly describe our various stages of polyamourous adventures.

Lover lends itself to tawdry afternoon trysts. Hidden between life’s happenings somewhere after happy hour or between lunch and a late day meeting. But most importantly the clandestine late nite rendezvous.

Lover also sounds like a delicious secret. A place where you can be yourself. A safe space to undress the most intimate of personal musings while remaining illusive and mysterious. Lover says to me unpossessive and unpossessed; it exists in the slow burn where the soul touches the imagination and makes the impossible possible. The anticipation, the air, that pushes the flame along its trail towards the dynamite stick.

Lover denotes now! Not tomorrow. Filling the pages of seasoned courtiers with adventure and risks taken without regret. Woo’ed, pampered, and spoiled in a world created in a beautiful cocoon. Boundaries broken repeatedly as the need to explore pushes beyond imaginable limits.

My favorite Lover. The one who always surprises and never disappoints…. Is always Me! I go wherever, however far, lead or follow only limited by my own restraints. After all isn’t your most important love affair with yourself! Why wait for others to ignite your passion, be the flame, & light your own fire!


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