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Dear Reject

Dear Rejected One,

I would ask that you not be salty, but too late, and that’s your prerogative. However, I would like to give some advice for future use for dating or attempting to date in this digital age:

1. If you must delete/defriend me on the basis of my disinterest or response of aww hell nah or no to any or all of the following:

-coming to my home
-relations without a relationship
-movies, dinner, meeting your mother (although I’m sure she’s sweet), or any other member of your family, a weekend vacation, or any one of the myriad of things you were offering, material or otherwise, and most of all certainly not

2. You can’t deal with being friends, because you’d like to be Friends or FRIENDS, then

3. Go you must, but please don’t go away angry, simply go away.

Leave my womanhood intact as you exit, although you try to play on my feminine sensibilities by speaking disdain and disrespect following said rejection. Know this will not change my mind and make me see how great and wonderful you actually are. Nor will the rationalization that my lack of attraction to you has to do with some sort of  “angry black woman syndrome” or being a lesbian in denial. I simply do not want YOU! NO one night with your magic stick will not render me helplessly and hopelessly in love, cuz I ain’t that chic, either! I do have the ability to separate sex and my emotions. Besides, your inability to accept or respect my decision, shows that I, in fact, made the proper and right choice.

So do yourself a favor and delete me permanently.Do not pass GO! Do not collect $200! Do not let a few months pass and text me to see how I’m doing or if I’ve gotten desperate or heartbroken enough to change my mind. Additionally, do not call, email, message, or text me asking why I didn’t respond to your defriending or alleged dismal. There is someone somewhere who will lower her standards to be with you. However, SHE is not ME!

“Who AM I?”, you ask. The answer You will never have the pleasure or privilege to know.


Never Yours

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